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Sports in San Francisco

San Francisco is a sports paradise for its habitants. The city has a lot of places to practice a wide variety of sports. Most citizens choose sports that allow them to maintain a healthy physical condition, and that is why it is very common to see people jogging, cycling or doing yoga on the green areas of the city. The people of san francisco, usually quite athletes, and no wonder, the Body Mass Index of a person of San Francisco has a mean BMI 21, remember that the average united states is 30. It is something that is well, playing sports is always a plus.

But the passion for sports goes much further. There are many professional teams involved in different leagues. The most important is perhaps the San Francisco 49ers that fight every year for the NFL championship. The team had their best years during the decade of the 1980 and 1990; during this period time they won the Super Bowl 5 times; Joe Montana and Steve Young were among its finest players.

But the 49ers are not the only professional team that arouses passions among the citizens of the town; the San Francisco Giants also has a large amount of fans and has a leading role in Major League Baseball. In the beginning the team belonged to the city of New York, but from the 50's they moved to San Francisco. Since then, and despite the highly rated athletes they had, they failed to win any championship or Super Bowl, until finally, in 2010, they made it to the top of the NFL after beating the Texas Rangers.

On the other hand, San Francisco also held the Bay to Breakers, one of the biggest and most famous marathons worldwide. The sporting event draws thousands of people every year, the same thing happened with the triathlon named "Escape from Alcatraz" that demands the best physical and mental effort from the participants. To know your BMI, you can use a BMI calculator tool. that you can find online for free. The correlation between the BMI score and body fatness is fairly strong. It works for adults, both men and women above age 18, and it’s a good indicator of the amount of body fat you have.

Ski Resorts in San Francisco

San Francisco may not be the appropriate place to practice Skiing. It rarely snows in the city, and there is not enough to encourage this sport. That’s why people who enjoy the thrill of skiing seek places further in the north likelike “Lake Tahoe” and “Yosemite”. These places are 4 hours away, but they are the main option for those who want to escape the routine and spend a weekend away from home.

In Lake Tahoe, there are many ski resorts  that are able to offer all the necessary amenities to spend a relaxing weekend, besides they offer equipment to practice Skiing. In addition, these entertainment centers have small ski schools designed to prepare visitors to practice this complex sport. Ski lessons are essential to prevent beginners to get injured, and enjoy their stay without any complications.

These ski schools offer ski equipment in exchange for a small rent. Payment may or may not include the services of a personal instructor who will guide your steps through the snow, and he/she will be responsible for imparting basic knowledge about ski.

Marinas in San Francisco

San Francisco has an ideal climate for outdoor activities and also for water sports. There are many important Marinas in the coast of San Francisco; some of them are: The Marina Green and the Embarcadero. San Francisco Marinas are more numerous in the bay of San Francisco, where sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing are quite popular.

San Francisco Bay is the ideal center for water sports lovers. Many people visit the harbor to enjoy many sports; so, there are many shops devoted to rent and sell boats and equipment related to water sports. Winds ease the movement of sailing vessels and it is normal to witness different tournaments for amateurs or professionals.

Within the Bay, and as it is usual in big cities, there are many exclusive private clubs, intended to unite people who share the same hobby. These clubs organize sports events, presentations of yachts and luxury vessels and even parties in the sea.

On the other hand, there are also some Diving Schools that allow us to enjoy the seascape from a perspective that we rarely enjoy.

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