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Schools in San Francisco

The education in San Francisco is considered as extensive and complex and it is not different from other countries.  The school session starts from September and it ends on June. Children attend kindergarden and elementary school until the 6th grade and then they attend middle school until the 9th grade. After that, they attend high school (9th to 12th grade.)

The application process of San Francisco Schools follows a similar timeline to othes schools and business in California State.
The admissions department of these schools judges candidates on a number of parameters. One important parameter is the spoken and typing ability. If you want to improve your typing skills, Touch Typing Test provide a great way to get an accurate assessment of how well you’re typing.

Private schools in San Francisco

In San Francisco there are many private schools The funds of private schools are obtained from the students’ paid tuition, but some students may obtain a scholarship if they’ve proved to have excellent grades. The majority of schools are religious. Schooling is very expensive; it is between $8,000 and $16,000.

After finishing high school, many students follow their education in universities. Some of these universities are quite expensive and their prices are rising every year. In public universities, it can cost around $7,000 to $12,000 just for education, and it does not include housing and books so at the end the payment could be much more. In private university, it can cost around $20,000 to $50,000 annually. The academic year is from September to June and it is possible to study in the summer but that is an additional expense. Some students apply for scholarships and financial aid to attend the university but most of them solicit loans to finish their education. The school system in San Francisco is large and complex, and does not differ from the school system in other countries.

Public schools in San Francisco

Typical American public elementary schools consist of children aged 6-12 and have Kindergarten (similar to pre-school) to 6th grade. From here they usually attend a middle school of 7th and 8th grade, than finish schooling at a High School from 9th to 12th grade. There are variations of this format found throughout the nation, but most follow this layout. School is usually in session from September till June.

There are many excellent private schools in the San Francisco area and Bay Area Private Schools guide offers an excellent overview of the schools available. Private schools funds are achieved through student paid tuition, with chances for scholarship for worthy students. Many schools are religiously affiliated and are completely separate from the state. Tuition is usually very expensive, averaging between $8,000 and $16,000.

Universities in San Francisco

Universities are quite expensive with prices rising every year. Public university can cost around $7,000 to $12,000 in tuition alone with housing, books, and other academic necessities costing much more. Private university is much more expensive with tuition costing somewhere between $20,000 and even up to $50,000 annually. The academic school year usually runs from September to June with an optional summer quarter which is another expense. Scholarships and financial aid help students attend the university of their choice, but most students must take out loans to complete their education.

Other schools in San Francisco

Military schools  

Military schools in San Francisco

If you feel attracted for military world, you can visit enterprising military occupations where you find a list of accredited schools where you can receive a military training in agreement your region. These schools include traditional academic programs where you will learn values such as discipline, respect, loyalty, leadership and achievement so then you can develop your character and become a successful person for serving your country and being a positive example to new generations.

Law schools  

Law schools in San Francisco

The laws were created to maintain a country in peace so every citizen must obey them to achieve a positive behavior. Our directory of law schools provide a list of schools that you can choose from. You could learn criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, etc and do practices in legal aid clinics or internships where you will face real situations to apply all the knowledge that you’ve acquired while you were at school.

Flight schools  

Flight schools in San Francisco

Learning to fly is one of the most exciting adventures In flight schools you will know about schools that will help you to achieve your goal. These schools offer programs that include practical and theoretical lessons to help you develop your skills. You will obtain a comprehensive training from experimented instructors. 

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in San Francisco

Being part of a competitive world requires having a good training. Our directory of pilot schools contains pilot schools that you can attend to pursue a career as a pilot. They offer specialized flight instructors who will teach you techniques to improve your skills so then you can be a safe and confident pilot. After you get you’ve completed your training and flight hours, you will obtain a certificate that will allow you to obtain a job in an airline corporation. You can also continue your education by getting a bachelor, master or doctorate degree.

Technical schools  

Technical schools in San Francisco

A way to continue your education after school is to attend a technical school whose belief is that practical lessons are more important than theoretical lessons. You can check technical schools to find a school that is by your area; make sure that it is an accredited school. You need to develop skills to become a competitive person in the field of your choice.

Boarding schools  

Boarding schools in San Francisco

If you are looking for the best education for your children, you can attend boarding schools. Here you find different types of schools such as religious, military equestrian, arts or therapeutic. Choose the school that offers a high education to your children. These schools include academic classes as well as sport and extracurricular activities. That way, students will learn to be self-independent and to adapt to the society.

Trade schools  

Trade schools in San Francisco

If you do not want to waste time and follow a career after having finished high school, trade schools provide the opportunity to fulfill your goal and the best of it; you can get a degree in short time.  The trade schools directory give you information about schools where you can pursue a training in animal science, art, business, carpentry, computer science, cosmetology, culinary or welding (to mention a few.)

Massage schools  

Massage schools in San Francisco

Learn about becoming massage therapist; it will give you all the skills and experience that you need to be successful in a massage career. In our directory of massage schools, you will find a list of schools where you’ll obtain a comprehensive training in theory and practice of massage therapy and you will be taught by instructors who have many years of experience. Also you can work with chiropractors in many places like clinics, hotels, hospitals, spas, and massage clinics.

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