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Restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco is an epicurean city, a paradise for food and wine lovers, with more than 3,500 reasonably-priced restaurants of high-quality offering, practically, every kind of ethnic cuisine from around the globe, whatever your taste desires, there is a restaurant waiting for you in San Francisco. The City has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else across the United States. Most restaurants range from delicious budget meals to fine six-course restaurants passing by diners and bistros.

San Francisco is surrounded by a number of the country's best wineries, fertile farms and coastline, so there is abundance of organic produce, fresh seafood, free-range meats, farmhouse cheese, and excellent wine. San Francisco's best Californian restaurants offer food of great quality using the freshest local ingredients.

Every part of the city gives you a different culinary experience. Chinatown and the Richmond District are filled with an array of restaurants serving dim sum and other Chinese delicacies; the Richmond District is famous for its excellent sushi chefs. Downtown houses popular restaurants and bars, from classic American diners to gourmet restaurants.

Fisherman's Wharf serves free seafood, its specialties are clam chowder and crabs cooked to order. North Beach is the place for Italian and California cuisine. The Mission as well as being the birthplace of the Mission style burrito, is also the site where you can find delicious Central and South American food.

You will find tasty and reasonably priced eats at the Rincon Center's Food Court at the corner of Spear and Mission streets, and at the Ferry Building and Justin Herman Plaza, both at the foot of Market Street at the Embarcadero.

All restaurants are smoke-free, but customers are welcome to smoke outside. Restaurant prices are subject to a state tax of 8.5%, which is added to the bill at the end. A tip of 15% is the standard, and 18-20% for extraordinary service of the total bill. San Francisco restaurants are also very corkage welcoming, average corkage fee appears to be in the $15 - $35 range.

Reservations are suggested, if you want good tables at top restaurants, you probably need to book weeks in advance. Most restaurants close their kitchens around 10.00 pm. On weekdays, most San Francisco restaurants open for lunch and dinner, many are closed on Mondays.

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