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San Francisco Travel Guide

When to come to San Francisco

Choosing when to visit San Francisco can establish the quality of the experience you will have. The city is packed with year-round activities and offers a wide array of attractions for its tourists. Every San Francisco season marks an event.

San Francisco has a climate highly variable and irregular, it may be beautiful during the day and then a cold wind will pick up in the late afternoon. Don't go anywhere without bringing a windbreaker or a light jacket during the day, and a heavier one if you are going to still be out when night falls. Also, pack comfortable shoes because you will find yourself walking the most part of the city.

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) reports the most traveller arrivals during July and August

The spring summer period (March, April and May) marks a cloudless, and mild weather, another good time to travel to San Francisco is from September through November, when on average you will enjoy temperatures a bit warmer and clear sunny days.

During the months of September, October and November there are numerous cultural events like the San Francisco Fringe Festival, San Francisco Jazz festival and San Francisco blues festival held at Ft. Mason Center.

Perhaps, the best months to visit San Francisco are September and October, when temperatures will be temperate and the thermometer will ascend a little, it's the period called “Indian Summer” by the residents.

The summer season is the most popular time for tourists to visit the city. Be aware that summer is habitually characterized by foggy days, cold, windy nights. During these months, the City is crowded with tourists, most tourist attractions, museums, and events see high visitation.

The city is charming during winter, there are fewer tourists and numerous prices are lower, though during this time it tends to rain more than in the summer, especially in December and January, additionally, some attractions will close on major winter holidays.

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