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Moving to San Francisco

If you are planning to move to San Francisco, it is necessary to know more about the new place, its climate, customs, lifestyles, employment, etc. Additionally, the moving process can be tedious if it is not planned correctly. Remember, your move must foresee any event, which might arise during this process. There are some things you should know before moving to San Francisco city.

About San Francisco

  • San Francisco is the fourth most populated city in California and the thirteenth in the United States of America. This city is full of culture and is one of the twenty global financial centers. It also is one of the top tourist destinations, in which we can find the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and Chinatown. Regarding the weather, San Francisco is surrounded by water from the Pacific Ocean, it causes that there are not abrupt climate changes; the colder seasons are the months of June, July and August.

  • Every San Francisco neighborhood has its own traditions and lifestyles. It is important to contact a friend, relative or acquaintance to give you more scope about the area and know where to find an appropriate apartment, house or flat that you might rent or buy. The internet offers good options for contacting people; one of them is sending moving postcards to let your friends know about your moving plans.

  • Another option is working with one of the moving companies there are in San Francisco. If the chosen moving company doesnít offer services related with properties search, they can contact you with an agent for this task.

  • The market offers lot of houses of wooden with small rooms, but if you are worried about earthquakes that might happen then you must look for a half-timbered house, it is more secure than a brick house.

  • Rental payments are usually 50% of their monthly income. The more expensive neighborhoods are the Marina and Pacific Heights, and the Civic Center and the Mission are the cheaper ones. On average, the cheaper rent of an apartment is $ 1300 without neither laundry nor parking. However If you're looking for living with more amenities such as cable, internet, hardwood floors, garage, you must take into account that it requires an amount greater than $ 1700.†Depending on whether you get a†T1 San Francisco†internet provider, or HD cable, your costs can be vary depending on the specific services you get.†Animals are no allowed in some buildings, so if you have pets you must consult with the owner first. It is easier find furnished houses with 2 or 4 bedrooms.

  • Food is varied and highly recommended in San Francisco. The coffee and cocktails are in high demand.

  • About job, the employment alternatives are greater in environmental sectors, due to the increasing industry demand for care of the environment; and technology companies like Google, Apple, HP, Intel, Cisco, Adobe Systems, etc; due to global demand.

Movers in San Francisco

For a faster moving to San Francisco, it will be better to hire movers to take charge of this tedious process, they will sort and pack all your belongings. Moving requires to spend many time and money if you have to rent a moving van, a furniture repository... Make a list of all your belongings to decide what's the best moving option for you. Before hiring a mover or a moving company, you should know some details:

  • Getting information about rates including additional costs of tolls, parking, lifting rates and others.

  • The service provided should be adequate and it gives you the security over the care of their belongings.

  • You have to investigate if the company has insurance, good recommendations and if it moves special possessions such as pianos.

  • If your furniture does not enter into your new home, you need to consult with the company about storage service, packing boxes, agents or any other element needed for the move. You should consult about lead times and the additional amount you must pay.

So, are you ready to move to the charming San Francisco? If so don't leave the opportunity to send moving postcards to your friends and also send them your new address in one of the most popular cities of California.

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