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Golf in San Francisco

San Francisco has a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by wet winters and dry summers. The climate is nice for outdoor activities. San Francisco has ample resources and opportunities for sports and leisure activities. Golf is played outdoors on a field or natural grass field. Unlike other sports, golf does not have a standard pitch.

The very first steps

The first steps are very important to golf. You must learn how to swing properly; so that is why the instructor will check your swing until you know how to hit the ball.  A professional instructor has to always guide you so then you can learn golf the right way. After the golf lessons,  it is important to practice what you just have learned, and it is important to use all the golf tips that you can get in order to master them.

You should not set aside the rules and etiquette pertaining to golf. The player is responsible for their own behavior, as the spirit of golf is based on honesty and integrity of the golfer. The fundamentals help improve your way of hitting the way you play, consistency and enjoy the game better.


If you are in San Francisco for business or pleasure, you should not miss visiting the golf courses. Taking golf lessons in San Francisco are worth it. You can also enjoy all the best of San Francisco such as its restaurants, its culture, its business and more.

Golf schools offer several types of golf instruction such as private lessons, and group lessons.

Private lessons are available for children and adults; it doesn’t matter if they are begineers or professionals. Private lessons can be more effective. Group lessons are cheaper than the private ones.

Golf clubs in San Francisco

Some golf clubs in San Francisco:
  • Monarch Bay Golf Club
  • Summitpointe Golf Club
  • Seascape Golf Club
  • Franklin Canyon Golf Course
  • Tilden Park Golf Course
  • Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club
  • The Reserve at Spanos Park
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