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Why is it important to learn a foreign Language?

Currently, learning a new language is almost a necessity; especially for those who wish to achieve success. Due to globalization, there are many companies that venture in the international business; this undoubtedly brings many advantages such as better opportunities and new jobs.

The potential impact of a foreign language on people's development has increased the interest in learning new languages. However, even knowing the advantages that a new language brings, there are many people who arenít too willing to learn it because they think that it is very difficult. This is not entirely false because you will need a great effort and time, but once you have learned it, you will realize that the effort was worth it.

This is a list with some benefits of learning a foreign language.
  • Better job opportunities; this is one of the most important reasons because many people are looking for better opportunities to make money.
  • Foreign language skills help business people to invest in other countries.
  • If you like to travel, learning a foreign language can help you to have an enjoyable trip.
As an conclusion, it is not compulsory to learn a foreign language, but you should consider learning one for all the reasons mentioned above.

English in San Francisco

Nowadays, the English language is considered as one of the most important languages. Other languages are important too, for example the Mandarin Chinese; it is important because it is the most spoken language in the world, but in the business world, the Chinese language is not widely used yet. Although American English has a wide variety of dialects and it is a bit different to British English, many people choose to learn English in the United States because the USA offers many more job opportunities that the UK.

San Francisco is an amazing city that offers some of the most important languages schools where you can learn any language. If you want to learn English in San Francisco, there is a list with some of the most renowned language schools:
  • English Language Institute (ELI).
  • San Francisco Institute of English.
  • LSI - Language Studies International.
  • San Francisco English Centre.
  • GEOS.

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