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Education in San Francisco

The American education system is one of the most important systems worldwide which has turn USA into one of the leading countries in the education sector.

San Francisco education system

Although San Francisco has many similarities with Asian and European education systems, this system has some particularities like each state manages their own local education system. Therefore education is mainly the responsibility of the local government. On the other hand the education system in this state consists of public and private schools.

Kindergartens and nursery schools

Compulsory education is for all children between 6 and 18 years old, while children under 6 years may attend kindergartens and nursery schools. Its Education system is divided into pre-school, elementary, secondary and higher education.  People of San Francisco are agreed on the education investment, because this is the best way to ensure that children will receive an excellent education.  As you can see, education is the best way to invest in the future of San Francisco.

Elementary education

Elementary education includes kindergartens and nursery schools that are for kids 4 to 6 years old children. Most of these educational institutions are private; however there are many public schools that have kindergartens. On one hand, primary schools are comprehensive; it means that every school teaches the same subjects. Moreover children acquire basic knowledge in each subject while passing grade in primary schools. On the other hand San Francisco schools provide secondary education for all teenagers between the ages of 11-18. These educational institutions provide enough knowledge to apply for a university. To work in one of these centers is necessary to have a wide experience and prepare a professional resume and a elementary teacher cover letter to improve your opportunities to get the job.

Higher education system

San Francisco has a competitive and selective higher education system which consists in: Universities, colleges and technical schools. The University of San Francisco is the most important in this state. Furthermore there are many private and public universities in San Francisco; 10 of the most important Medical schools throughout US; more than 50 business schools and several technical schools. Most colleges and universities offer courses of 4 years to undergraduates. After students finish university, they get a Bachelor degree. On the other hand University system offers the opportunity to choose some university courses, although most careers have some compulsory courses.   

San Francisco is very popular for its Medical schools; however, there are more students who prefer a business school. Even though a large number of business schools are expensive; most of them offer scholarships to outstanding students. Usually business schools offer courses of 3 or 4 years, but it can vary according each program.
To sum up the education system of San Francisco offers a high-quality education to all its students in its schools, universities and colleges.

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